Maker Programming

What does "Maker" mean?

Maker culture emphasizes learning-through-doing in a social environment. Maker culture emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. Maker culture encourages DIY (do-it-yourself) and explores the intersection between technology and traditional arts and crafts.

Maker Opportunities at WPL

Over the past year, our librarians have been hosting all-ages Maker Monday programs for patrons of all ages to engage in creative do-it-yourself activities focusing on technology, crafting, and the intersection of those two disciplines. Examples of acitivities include DIY computer games (via Scratch), Silk-screening, DIY stickets and stencils (via Silhouette vinyl cutter), and many more.

If you're interested in attending a Maker Monday program, please visit our online calendar to register.

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