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PLEASE NOTE: No book donations to the Bookstore for the duration of the library renovation project.  The Bookstore will be closed on Sundays for the duration of the renovation project.



Who are the Friends?

We are a group of people who love the library.  Our goal is to provide meaningful opportunities for community members to support and be supported by the library.

  • Books Down Under (BDU) is our biggest endeavor.  60+ volunteers work many hours to sift, sort, and shelve thousands of books every year.   All proceeds directly benefit library patrons.
  • Members pay annual dues, which also directly support library patrons.
  • Last year Friends funded One Book, Everybody Reads, Children's Summer Reading Club, Juried Adult Art Show, Kids Art Show, Book discussion groups, The Shakespeare Project, and musical performances, among other activities and events.
  • Ambassadors volunteer their time to assist the library in a variety of activities, including greeting people at Auditorium events, assisting with kids events, escorting patrons at One Book, among other activities.


 Officers of the Friends of the Library 2013-2014

Joan Fishman - President  Carol Shukur - Hospitality Chair
Heather Hehman - Past President  Kelly Larsen - Hospitality Vice-Chair
MaryAnne O'Keefe - Secretary  Alexa Burnell - Public Relations Chair
Larry Dickman - Treasurer  Margo Chambers - Book Room Chair
Virginia Grossman - Assoc.Treasurer  Susan Morrison - Book Room Vice-Chair
Clara Tomaz - New Media Chair  Elaine Rucker - Membership Chair
Sarah Beth Brown - Library Liaison  Kelley Larsen - Youth Services Volunteer Coordinator

Email contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friends of the Library Meeting Schedule

FOL Board Meetings - 9:30 am, Library Board Room, 3rd floor

September 30

November 18

January 27

February 17

April 20

June 1 (Annual Meeting)

Meetings are open to all members of the Friends and others interested in Friends.

Books Down Under

 The Friends’ book store offers a huge selection of bargain materials for children and adults and is open during the following hours:

Monday 1 - 5 pm
Tuesday  9 - 5 pm; 7 - 8:45 pm
Wednesday 11:30 - 5 pm
Thursday 9 - 5 pm; 7 -8:45 pm
Friday 11:30 - 5 pm
Saturday 11 - 4:45 pm
Sunday Closed for the duration of the renovation project


If you would like to donate books:  Drop them off inside the employee entrance marked "Deliveries" at the furthest east entrance on the north side of the building.

If you'd like to get involved: Bookstore Volunteer Form

Guidelines for donations:

  • free of mold, smoke, and water damage
  • still have covers and other major parts
  • magazines less than six months old that are not weeklies or business topics


Books Down Under Hours

Monday 1 - 5 pm
Tuesday  9 - 5 pm; 7 - 8:45 pm
Wednesday 11:30 - 5 pm
Thursday 9 - 5 pm; 7 -8:45 pm
Friday 11:30 - 5 pm
Saturday 11 - 4:45 pm
Sunday Closed


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