A New Library Catalog

The Library debuted a new catalog this spring. There are many new features and attributes to this catalog that can improve your search experience. Curious about the new product? Read on!

New Catalog Features

  • A better, faster browsing experience. The new catalog is optimized for phones and tablets, making it great for on-the-go browsing.
  • You will be able to create your own, easy-to-remember user name.
  • Your materials will renew 3 days before they are due. New items will have up to two renewals, and older items will renew up to four times.
  • Choose how you receive notifications: phone call, email, and text messages are all available options.
  • You can pick up materials at any of the 24 libraries within our consortium. [link: http://ccslib.org/member-libraries]
  • Keep track of what you want to read and watch with the My Lists feature, or opt-in to save your checkout history to revisit old favorites.
  • When you have overdue items, you can get an estimate on how much you owe with the fine estimator.
  • Change the catalog to another language to make searching easier for non-English users.


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