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Mission Statement

The Wilmette Public Library District exists to serve the informational, intellectual, cultural, and leisure needs of the Wilmette and Kenilworth resident and business communities.


Vision Statement

A community inspired by a love of knowledge and discovery.


Antiracist Statement

Wilmette Public Library stands in solidarity with all who are working to recognize and end racism and inequity. The fight for dignity, justice, and equality is a matter of basic human rights. We grieve with our nation as we collectively face the clear exposure of our deeply-rooted systems of racism and structural violence.

The Library is a place where all are welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. Our collections, services, and resources reflect the diversity of our community while also providing new opportunities to engage with neighbors and learn about cultures and viewpoints.

We believe that words have the power to make change actionable. Now is the time to both listen and make our voices heard as we strongly denounce racism, hate, discrimination, and violence. Together we can build a more just, resilient, and inclusive community for all.

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Posted June 2, 2020; Affirmed by the Board of Library Trustees June 23, 2020


Strategic Plan

Every three to five years, Library staff and board go through a strategic planning process to reevaluate our mission, vision, and long-term goals. This process helps ensure that we are meeting community needs and addressing needed updates in the building and our technology, and provides an outlet for staff to address and reflect on local and industry changes and trends. The 2018-2021 plan, named Shaping our Future, was created with input from the community and represents five vibrant goals to guide us in the coming years.

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2018-2021 Strategic Plan Goals

Growing Community: Focus library services to promote strong connections in our community.
As a trusted community organization, the Library occupies a unique role in our ability to connect various groups in the Village to the information they need. We know that people are busy and that time is precious, and we aim to create tools and methods for them to access information within our collections in the building as well as where they work, live, and play.

Knowledge & Discovery: Create an adaptable environment that encourages pursuit of knowledge and discovery to enrich your life.
Today’s world moves at a fast pace, and patrons have become acclimated to convenient and accessible tools and services in a wide range of arenas. Our goal is to maintain an environment that celebrates truth, knowledge, and a deep collection, while positioning ourselves to be more nimble and creative in how we provide these offerings.

Diversity & Inclusion: Create an inclusive environment so that all feel welcomed and served.
The Library hopes to create an environment that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity inherent in Wilmette and Kenilworth, from immigrant populations to our neighbors with differing abilities. Our close proximity to Chicago, a global city in every sense of the word, also provides a window to many types of diversity. Our collections, services, and resources should reflect the many facets of our community while also providing a gateway to exploring new cultures and viewpoints.

Sharing Resources: Allocate staff, facilities, and other resources effectively to provide outstanding library services.
Our staff and building provide the support that makes possible our outstanding collections, resources, and programs. In the same way that we plan and cultivate a deep collection, we must provide resources that will allow us to support our staff, maintain our building, and renew our technologies.

Marketing & Communications: Increase visibility and awareness of the library’s value to you and to your community.
Over recent years, we have been faced with an increasingly large number of communication channels while also expanding our services into new areas. A marketing plan will help us determine which tools serve which audiences best, and will help us to tailor our message so that patrons understand the benefit of each service, program, and collection that we provide.


Annual Report

The documents below are a summary of the library's activities for their respective fiscal year.


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