Bedtime Stories

Get ready for bed with funny stories and lullabies from the Picture Book (JE) area. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
BergerSnoozefest at the Nuzzledome
Snuggleford, the sleepiest sloth in all of Snoozeville, attends the annual Snoozefest.
JE Berger
CabreraTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
This version of the well-known lullaby travels around the world as baby animals and their parents share the wonder of a twinkling star.
JE Cabrera
ClarkeFirefly Home
Fireflies have a light inside them that shimmers and shines. But one little firefly is lost and she will need some help to find her way back home.
JE Clarke
DaywaltSleepy, the Goodnight Buddy
When a boy who routinely refuses to go to bed gets a talkative stuffed animal, the tables are turned!
JE Daywalt
DopirakTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Car
A little red car takes a final cruise around town before going to bed, beeping good-night to all his friends.
JE Dopirak
DragonwagonAll the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep
An alphabet of animals prepare to go to sleep.
JE Dragonwagon
FeifferNo Go Sleep!
A baby does not want to go to sleep, even as everything else around her wishes her a good night.
JE Feiffer
FoxGood Night, Sleep Tight
In this book with rhyming text, Bonnie and Ben's favorite babysitter reads them nursery rhymes before putting them to bed.
JE Fox
HacohenTuck Me In
Help tuck in baby animals at bedtime using shorter pages to serve as blankets.
JE Hacohen
Drowsy animal babies snuggle in trees, caves, weeds, and on waves, but one sleepyhead isn't yet in his bed.
JE Howatt
IwamuraBedtime in the Forest
Mick, Mack, and Molly, three young squirrels, find themselves awake and wanting to play all night like the owl children and learn that they should be going to bed instead.
JE Iwamura
KherdianCome Back, Moon
A sleepless bear hides the moon, much to the displeasure of his forest animal friends who miss dancing under its light.
JE Kherdian
LewisFly Blanky Fly
Sam and his blanket have a big adventure until it is time to fall asleep.
JE Lewis
LogueSleep Like a Tiger
At bedtime a young girl asks, "Does everything in the world go to sleep?"
JE Logue
McDonnellThank You and Good Night
Maggie hosts a pajama party with a variety of fun games.
JE McDonnell
MurrayGoodnight, Veggies
Easy-to-read text invites the reader to a community garden where vegetables get ready to go to sleep.
JE Murray
PizzoliGood Night Owl
Owl takes drastic measures to have a good night's sleep.
JE Pizzoli
RathmannGood Night, Gorilla
An unobservant zookeeper is followed home by all the animals he thinks he has left behind in the zoo.
JE Rathmann
ReddBedtime Bonnet
As family members braid, brush, and tighten their hair before bedtime, the little sister cannot find her bonnet.
JE Redd
RinkerGoodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
When their work is done for the day, the trucks at the construction site make their way to their resting places and go to sleep.
JE Rinker
RowandIt Is Night
A little girl says good night to a seal, a bear, a lion, a train, and so on, giving readers a bit of information about each.
JE Rowand
SaltzbergChengdu Could Not, Would Not, Fall Asleep
High in the trees, all of the pandas are sleeping except for Chengdu, who tries everything and still cannot fall asleep until he finds the perfect spot.
JE Saltzberg
SingletonThe King Who Wouldn't Sleep
A clever farmer wins the hand of a princess when he uses a counting activity to make the watchful king fall asleep.
JE Singleton
StutzmanTiny T. Rex and the Very Dark Dark
Tiny T. Rex and Pointy are planning a campout, but they are worried that it will be too dark.Then they discover the stars above.
JE Stutzman
ThomasLet's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy
Brave Cowboy tries to sing his young calf pals to sleep on a dark night, with humorous results.
JE Thomas
ThompsonGood Night, Bunny
Bunny says goodnight to flowers, animals, and family before snuggling into bed.
JE Thomopson
WillemsDon't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late!
A pigeon comes up with many reasons why he should not go to bed.
JE Willems
WoodThe Full Moon at the Napping House
A chirping cricket calms a worried mouse, a prowling cat, and other restless creatures, helping them to finally fall asleep.
JE Wood
ZoboliThe Big Book of Slumber
In this lullaby book, countless cozy animals settle down in their beds.
JE Zoboli

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