Picture Books (JE)

Author Title Call Number
Discusses manners and gives examples of good manners and bad manners. (30 pp.)
JE Aliki
AllenThis Little Piggy's Book of Manners
Some little pigs remember their manners and others do not. (32 pp.)
JE Allen
CuneoMary Louise Loses Her Manners
When Mary Louise starts saying "fleas" and "spank you" instead of "please" and "thank you," she realizes she has lost her manners and must search for them. (32 pp.)
JE Cuneo
HelmerThe Cat Who Came for Tacos
When Señor Tomas and Señora Rosa welcome a stray cat into their home and share tacos with him, they insist, in a kind way, that he use proper table manners. (30 pp.)
JE Helmer
HoltDinner with the Highbrows
The first time a friend invites Bernard to dinner, his mother gives him a long list of rules to follow but he soon sees that being well-to-do does not mean one has the best manners. (34 pp.)
JE Holt
KellerDo Unto Otters: A Book About Manners
Mr. Rabbit wonders if he will be able to get along with his new neighbors, who are otters, until he is reminded of the golden rule. (33 pp.)
JE Keller
Lloyd-JonesBeing a Pig is Nice
Tired of being told to be polite and to not misbehave, a child considers trading places with various animals and a monster. (32 pp.)
JE Lloyd-Jones
SierraSuppose You Meet a Dinosaur
This book illustrates basic polite behavior that one might need to use while grocery shopping at the same time as a dinosaur. (32 pp.)
JE Sierra
TekavecManners are Not for Monkeys!
Mother Monkey is not happy when the little monkeys use good manners and the children who visit the zoo are not happy with well-behaved monkeys. (32 pp.)
JE Tekavec
WellsSay Hello, Sophie!
Sophie's parents tell her to say 'Hello,' 'Thank-you,' and 'Goodbye,' but the words stick like glue in Sophie's mouth and won't come out. (24 pp.)
JE Wells
WellsSay Hello, Sophie!
Sophie's parents tell her to say 'Hello,' 'Thank-you,' and 'Goodbye,' but the words stick like glue in Sophie's mouth and won't come out. (24 pp.)
JE Wells
WillemsTime to Say "Please"!
Mice narrate this humorous text as young children try in vain to get what they want, learning along the way that it is helpful to be polite. (36 pp.)
JE Willems
YolenHow Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
Describes how a dinosaur eats, with no rude noises and while sitting very still.
JE Yolen

Nonfiction, Folktales & Poetry

Author Title Call Number
BridwellClifford's Manners
Clifford offers some advice on basic good manners.
JE395.1 Bridwell
DeGezelleFirst Facts Manners series
Three books that describe good manners in a restaurant, the library, and on the telephone. (24 pp.)
J395 DeGezelle
DoudnaThank You
This book, part of the Good Manners series, introduces the reader to situations when it is appropriate to say "thank you."
JE395.1 Doudna
FinnManners in Public
A simple, colorful book about appropriate behavior in public.
JE395.5 Finn
FinnManners on the Playground
Rules for proper behavior on the playground are discussed.
JE395.5 Finn
PostEmily Post: Emily's Everyday Manners
Join Emily and her best friend, Ethan, as they show you that good manners aren't just for special occasions; they are for every day.
J395.1 Post
ShahThe Man with Bad Manners
A clever boy and other villagers devise a plan to improve the manners of one of their neighbors. Based on a folktale from Afghanistan.
J398.2 AS Shah

Audiovisual Materials

Author Title Call Number
Barney: Best Manners
Barney's friends question why minding their manners is so important.
DVD J Fiction B
Bears Mind Their Manners
Join the Berenstain Bears in a new set of adventures that focus on good manners and kindness to others.
DVD J Fiction B
Look Mom! I Have Good Manners
Laugh and learn that manners are more than just a bunch of boring rules; they help people get along through kindness, consideration, and common sense.
DVD J395 L

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