OLD - Animal Fantasy for Grades 6-8

This list features stories from the point of view of various animals. All these novels can be found in Youth (Y) fiction. Additional stories may be found by consulting the Fantasy reading list. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
AdamsWatership Down
When the safety of their warren is threatened, a small group of rabbits sets out to find a new home, where they can live in peace.
Y Adams
AppeltTrue Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
Can Chap Brayburn, Sugar Man, and two raccoon-brother Swamp Scouts save the bayou from meddlers?
Y Appelt
AviThe Good Dog
McKinley is torn between the domestic world of his human family and the wild world of the pack.
Y Avi
BethancourtThe Dog Days of Arthur Cane
A teenage boy who doubts the power of witchcraft is transformed into a dog for an entire summer.
Y Bethancourt
In this first book in a new African series, animals from three species team up to restore balance on the plains.
Y Hunter
HunterThe Empty City
In this first book of the Survivors series, Lucky and other stray dogs survive in a decaying, abandoned city by forming a pack.
Y Hunter
A young mouse is determined to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior, so he cansave the mouse kingdom of Redwall from the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes.
Y Jacques
KarrExiled: Memoir of a Camel
A first-person narrative from a camel's point of view about life during the Civil War that has erupted in Egypt, where he lives.
Y Karr
LeonardA Coyote's in the House
Antwan, a coyote, decides to trade places with Buddy, a German shepherd in a fancy yard in the Hollywood Hills.
Y Leonard
LowryStay! Keeper's Story
Keeper tells of his adventures with various human masters and his continual search for his little sister.
Y Lowry
MichaelCity of Dogs
Sam's dog Jenny interrupts a plan by the Norse gods to to bring about a mythic end-of-the-world battle.
Y Michael
MorpurgoWar Horse
A horse named Joey recalls growing up on an English farm, surviving the challenges of World War I, and then reuniting with his beloved master.
Y Morpurgo
After a newborn bat becomes separated from his colony during migration, he grows in ways that prepare him for even greater journeys.
Y Oppel
PatentReturn of the Wolf
Driven from their packs, two wolves meet, become companions, and form a new pack with their pups.
Y Patent
ReisfeldWhat the Dog Said
Everyone else hears a lot of barking. But Grace and her dog Rex understand each other perfectly.
Y Reisfeld
RobertsI Am the Great Horse
Bucephalus, the steed of Alexander the Great, offers his perspective on ancient history.
Y Roberts
ShiptonThe Pig Scrolls
Gryllus the Pig, a human who was cursed by Circe, saves the Cosmos from destruction.
Y Shipton
SteinRacing in the Rain
Enzo the dog describes life with his human companions.
Y Stein
WagnerNightshade City
In this is first book of the Nightshade Chronicles, a community of intelligent rats band together to establish a catacomb city.
Y Wagner
Furgal escapes a cruel dog track and sets out to find the fabled Doglands, where he and all those he loves can be free.
Y Willocks

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