Nature Picture Books

The books listed here are fictional picture books on a variety of topics related to nature. For nonfiction books about nature, try browsing books with call numbers 508 or 570-599. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
AkiThe Nature Girls
A troupe of girls enjoys exploring different biomes and meeting the charming animals in each.
JE Aki
HaleBe Still, Life
Simple art and text show how to use all five senses to experience nature.
JE Hale
AdamsonA Fox Found a Box
An introduction to the sensory pleasures that abound in both music and nature.
JE Adamson
ArnoskyAt this Very Moment
Identifies some of the many things happening in nature on any given day.
JE Arnosky
BerkesOver on a Mountain
A counting book in rhyme about animals that dwell in high mountain environments.
JE Berkes
BissonetteNorth Woods Girl
In the north woods, a child can see squirrels gathering nuts, hear wood frogs peep, inhale piney scents, and skip stones.
JE Bissonette
Bryan All Things Bright and Beautiful
An illustrated hymn that describes the marvels of creation.
JE Bryan
Two robins build a nest together and raise their chicks in the wild.
JE Cole
CovellRun Wild
A child abandons his digital device in favor of joining a friend in joyful play outside.
JE Covell
FrancoPond Circle
In the pond near Anna's house, a food chain begins with algae and goes on to other life forms.
JE Franco
FrankOur Forest
A rhyming romp through the woods that evokes and inspires a love of nature. (2018 pp.)
JE Frank
GeorgeAround the Pond: Who's Been Here?
While picking blueberries, Cammie and her brother find signs of unseen animals.
JE George
GrayNonna's Porch
Grandmother's porch is a place to enjoy both stillness and activity in nature.
JE Gray
IsadoraThere Was a Tree
The song "The Green Grass Grew All Around" becomes a colorful book filled with African wildlife.
JE Isadora
Standing tall above the tree line, a sequoia tree watches days, seasons, and years pass by.
JE Johnston
KelseyYou Are Never Alone
A brilliant and inviting exploration of the ways humans are inextricably connected to nature.
JE Kelsey
This introduction to the natural world offers a fresh look at all that trees have to offer.
JE Lemniscates
LloydFinding Wild
Explores the different ways and places in which the wild exists and discusses how to find it.
JE Lloyd
McKinnonSeed Magic
Little Spider teaches her friend Anxious Ant about the life cycle of plants, showing how nature provides what we need.
JE McKinnon
McMurrayUnder Your Nose: A Book about Nature's Gifts
Two children put aside electronics and discover the great outdoors.
JE McMurray
MessnerOver and Under the Pond
Celebrates life above and under a pond, including varieties of turtles, bird, fish, and frogs.
JE Messner
A green-colored baby grows on Mr. Barleycorn's land, unleashing forces of nature and a bounty that unites his community.
JE Pinfold
A scarecrow appreciates the privilege of watching nature at work.
JE Rylant
SkorpenWe Were Tired of Living in a House
Four children, a cat, and a dog try out several dwellings in nature.
JE Skorpen
ThompsonRuby's Birds
Tag along with Ruby as she discovers that even big cities have a wild side.
JE Thompson
UdryA Tree Is Nice
Briefly describes the value of a tree.
JE Udry
WorthingtonNoah Chases the Wind
Ponders where the wind comes from and where it goes.
JE Worthington

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