Classic Novels for Grades 2-5

Selected novels that have stood the test of time, published no later than 1950. These books are shelved in Children's (J) Fiction. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
AtwaterMr. Popper's Penguins
An unexpected delivery changes house painter Mr. Popper's life. 1938. (138 pp.)
J Atwater
BarriePeter Pan
Adventures abound in Never-Never Land. 1911. (200 pp.)
J Barrie
BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
A tornado whisks Dorothy far from home to a magical land. 1899. (267 pp.)
J Baum
BrooksFreddy the Detective
Freddy the pig solves the mystery of a missing toy train. 1932. (264 pp.)
J Brooks
BurnettA Little Princess
Sara goes from riches to rags when her father dies. 1905. (178 pp.)
J Burnett
CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice discovers a strange world at the bottom of a rabbit hole. 1866. (192 pp.)
J Carroll
ClearyHenry Huggins
Finding a stray dog changes Henry's life, often for the funnier. 1950. (155 pp.)
J Cleary
A mischievous wooden puppet yearns to become a real boy. 1898. (173 pp.)
J Collodi
Du BoisThe Twenty-One Balloons
A hot air balloon crash sets off a series of adventures. 1947. (179 pp.)
J Du Bois
EnrightThe Saturdays
Four siblings find a unique way to share their allowances. 1941. (177 pp.)
J Enright
EstesThe Hundred Dresses
Wanda's classmates regret teasing her when they learn her secret. 1944. (80 pp.)
J Estes
FarleyThe Black Stallion
After a shipwreck, Alec and a wild stallion fight for survival. 1941. (275 pp.)
J Farley
FieldHitty: Her First Hundred Years
A doll's adventures through the ages. 1929. (207 pp.)
J Field
FisherUnderstood Betsy
Moving to Vermont changes timid Elizabeth Ann's life. 1917. (229 pp.)
J Fisher
GannettMy Father's Dragon
A boy sets out to rescue a trapped baby dragon. 1948. (86 pp.)
J Gannett
GrahameThe Wind in the Willows
The escapades of four animal friends who live along a river. 1908. (249 pp.)
J Grahame
Haywood"B" Is for Betsy
Betsy experiences an exciting first year of school. 1939. (131 pp.)
J Haywood
HenryMisty of Chincoteague
Two children are determined to have a wild pony for their own. 1947. (173 pp.)
J Henry
KiplingThe Jungle Book
An abandoned "man-cub" is raised by wolves in the jungle. 1894. (210 pp.)
J Kipling
LawsonRabbit Hill
Animals anticipate the arrival of new humans at the Big House. 1944. (127 pp.)
J Lawson
LenskiStrawberry Girl
One family's pony ruins another's strawberries, starting a feud. 1945. (193 pp.)
J Lenski
LewisThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Four children journey to another world that is under an evil spell. 1950. (189 pp.)
J Lewis
LindgrenPippi Longstocking
Lucky Pippi lives with a horse and a monkey...but no parents. 1945. (158 pp.)
J Lindgren
Two girls become inseparable friends. 1940. (112 pp.)
J Lovelace
McCloskeyHomer Price
A crime-fighting skunk, a rampaging donut machine, and more. 1943. (149 pp.)
J McCloskey
The adventures of Christopher Robin and his animal friends. 1926. (161 pp.)
J Milne
Pollyanna finds reasons to be happy, even when tragedy strikes. 1912. (310 pp.)
J Porter
SewellBlack Beauty
A horse shares his experiences with good and bad masters. 1877. (198 pp.)
J Sewell
SperryCall It Courage
A Polynesian boy overcomes his fear of the sea. 1940. (95 pp.)
J Sperry
An orphan girl goes to live with her grandfather in the Alps. 1880. (310 pp.)
J Spyri
StreatfeildBallet Shoes
Three sisters dream of being an actress, a ballerina...and a pilot. 1937. (294 pp.)
J Streatfeild
ThurberThe 13 Clocks
A prince must free a maiden from the clutches of an evil duke. 1950. (124 pp.)
J Thurber
TraversMary Poppins
The East Wind brings Jane and Michael a marvelous new nanny. 1934. (202 pp.)
J Travers
WarnerThe Boxcar Children
Four orphaned children run away and live in a boxcar. 1924. (154 pp.)
J Warner
WhiteStuart Little
The adventures of a boy who looks like a mouse. 1945. (131 pp.)
J White
WigginRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Rebecca goes to live with her two aunts, one hard and one soft. 1903. (290 pp.)
J Wiggin
WilderLittle House in the Big Woods
Two little girls grow up on the Wisconsin frontier. 1932. (237 pp.)
J Wilder

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