If You Liked Smile...

More graphic novels for readers who loved Smile, by Raina Telgemeier. These books are shelved in either J Comics or Y Comics; check the call number. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
BellEl Deafo
Cece's giant hearing aid gives her the ability to hear but also isolates her from her classmates. Can she find a true friend, someone who appreciates her as she is?
J Comic BE
BrosgolAnya's Ghost
Anya feels like a misfit. A new friend, even if it is a ghost, is just what she needs. Or so she thinks...
Y Comic BR
Castellucci and RuggPlain Janes
When Jane moves to Suburbia, she thinks her life is over. But she soon finds her tribe: three other girls named Jane who share her love of art.
Y Comic CA
Cazenove and WilliamThe Sisters: Just Like Family
Maureen and Wendy may love each other with all their hearts, but sometimes it's hard to get through the day without killing each other!
J Comic CA
Penelope tries to blend in at school, though it means shunning sweet but nerdy Jaime. But when the art club and science club face off, she can't avoid him anymore.
Y Comic CH
ClugstonQueen Bee
Haley tries to hide her psychokinetic powers at school so that she can fit in with the rest of the popular girls.
Y Comic CL
GownleyThe Dumbest Idea Ever!
After a long illness sinks Jimmy's grades and basketball dreams, can Jimmy get back on top at school and land a date with the cutest girl in class?
Y Comic GO
GownleyThe Whole World's Crazy
Amelia deals with divorced parents and a new school, takes on bullies, and receives a disgustingly detailed explanation of the infamous Sneeze Barf.
J Comic GO
GulledgePage by Paige
When Paige moves to New York City from rural Virginia, she tries to make sense of her new life through her sketchbook, bringing her true personality into the open.
Y Comic GU
GulledgeWill & Whit
Will longs for unplugged adventures with her friends. Little does she know she will get her wish in the form of a blackout, courtesy of a hurricane named Whitney.
Y Comic GU
Halliday and Hoppe[Peanut]
Nervous about starting at a new school, Sadie decides to make herself more interesting by claiming to be allergic to peanuts, but her lie spirals out of control.
Y Comic HA
HicksFriends with Boys
After years of homeschooling, Maggie enrolls in public school, where interacting with her peers is complicated by the melancholy ghost following her.
Y Comic HI
HicksThe War at Ellsmere
Jun, a scholarship student at a prestigious boarding school, deals with mean girls and makes friends with quirky Cassie, who swears a man-eating unicorn lives in the forest nearby.
Y Comic HI
Holm and HolmSunny Side Up
Sunny's summer with her grandfather is full of surprises, including golf-ball-eating alligators, runaway cats, and mysteriously disappearing neighbors.
J Comic HO
JamiesonRoller Girl
Astrid falls in love with the rough-and-tumble sport of roller derby, even as her best friend Nicole gravitates toward ballet camp.
Y Comic JA
After her house burns down, Tara moves in with her cousins and begins to search for the gold said to be hidden on their property.
Y Comic LA
Larson and PantojaWho Is AC?
Lin is an ordinary zine-loving teenage girl until she is zapped with magical powers through her cell phone.
Y Comic LA
Martin and TelegemeierKristy's Great Idea
Kristy forms a baby-sitters club with her friends, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacy, but they run into unexpected problems which threaten to break up the club.
J Comic MA
ParentKevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale
Kevin dives into social life at his new high school, including making friends, preparing for his first date, and organizing the entire prom himself!
Y Comic PA
Sellner and VamosPunky Brewster
When Punky meets Henry, she decides he's the adoptive dad for her. All she has to do is convince the foster home, adoption officials, and possibly Henry himself.
J Comic SE
Shen and HicksNothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
Best friends Charlie and Nate find themselves at odds when a school election promises to fund either a robotics competition or new cheerleading uniforms, but not both.
Y Comic SH
TakakoWandering Son
Shuichi and Yoshino are best friends who share a secret: Shuichi is a boy who feels like a girl, and Yoshino is a girl who feels like a boy.
Y Comic TA
Tamaki and TamakiThis One Summer
Rose and Windy have always been best friends for the summer at Awago Beach, but this year their vacation is complicated by secrets and heartache.
Y Comic TA
Callie rides an emotional roller coaster while serving on the stage crew for a school play, as relationships start and end, and others never quite get going.
Y Comic TE

Last Updated: 9/16


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