Humor for Grades 6-8

Funny stories from the Junior High (Y) collection. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
Guys Read: Funny Business
A collection of humorous stories featuring a teenaged mummy, a homicidal turkey, and the world's largest pool of chocolate milk. (268 pp.)
Y Guys
AllenHow Lamar's Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy
When bowling-obsessed Lamar finds out that his idol is coming to town, he finds himself involved in some unsavory activities. (283 pp.)
Y Allen
Burch The Manny Files
A shy young boy learns how to be more outgoing and self-confident from his male nanny. (296 pp.)
Y Burch
CabotThe Princess Diaries
Mia is shocked to learn that her father is the Prince of Genovia and that she is a princess and the heir to the throne. (238 pp.)
Y Cabot
ColferArtemis Fowl
When an evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy, the fairies fight back. (277 pp.)
Y Colfer
Curtis Bucking the Sarge
Despite his mother's shady business dealings, Luther keeps a sense of humor while running the Happy Neighbor Group Home For Men. (254 pp.)
Y Curtis
DumasIt Ain't So Awful, Falafel
Zomorod, originally from Iran, tells her story of growing up California during the Iranian Revolution and hostage crisis of the late 1970s. (378 pp.)
Y Dumas
EulbergRevenge of the Girl with the Great Personality
To escape the shadow of her pageant queen sister, Lexi resolves to get a makeover when she determines her personality isn't enough to get boys' attention. (265 pp.)
Y Eulberg
FederleBetter Nate Than Ever
Nate concocts a plan to run away to New York and audition for the role of Elliot in the musical version of "E.T." (275 pp.)
Y Federle
GantosDead End in Norvelt
Jack is grounded until he helps an elderly neighbor with a chore involving the newly dead, underage driving, and countless bloody noses. (341 pp.)
Y Gantos
Hiaasen Hoot
Roy, who is new to his small Florida community, helps save a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed construction site. (292 pp.)
Y Hiaasen
HolmMiddle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf
The first year of middle school can be exciting, or scary. Just ask Ginny. (124 pp.)
Y Holm
IgnatowMighty Odds
A bus crash gives very different four middle schoolers odd super powers. They must pool their powers to find out what happened. (227 pp.)
Y Ignatow
KinsellaFinding Audrey
Audrey is making slow but steady progress dealing with her anxiety disorder. When Linus comes into the picture, her recovery gains momentum. (286 pp.)
Y Kinsella
Troublemaker Donovan is accidentally sent to a special school for gifted students after pulling a major prank at middle school. (280 pp.)
Y Korman
LandySkulduggery Pleasant
When Stephanie inherits her weird uncle's estate, she must join Skulduggery Pleasant to save the world from the Faceless Ones. (392 pp.)
Y Landy
Larbalestier How to Ditch Your Fairy
In a world in which everyone has a personal fairy who tends to one aspect of daily life, Charlie decides she does not want her parking fairy. (307 pp.)
Y Larbalestier
Nelson Gender Blender
When students in health class are assigned girl/boy partners to discuss gender issues, two students switch bodies. (182 pp.)
Y Nelson
PeckThe Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts
Russell's dreams of quitting school are disrupted when his sister takes over at his one-room schoolhouse after Myrt Arbuckle "hauls off and dies." (190 pp.)
Y Peck
RennisonAngus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
Georgia tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop her mad cat from terrorizing the neighborhood, and win the love of handsome hunk Robbie. (247 pp.)
Y Rennison
RylanderThe Fourth Stall
Sixth graders Mac and Vince operate a business protecting schoolmates from bullies, with amazing challenges and results. (314 pp.)
Y Rylander
Stanley Yelnats is sent to a hellish correctional camp in the Texas desert where he finds his first real friend, a treasure, and a new sense of himself. (233 pp.)
Y Sachar
Sanderson Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
After Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand which is stolen by the evil Librarians who are trying to take over the world, he must save civilization. (308 pp.)
Y Sanderson
SmaleGeek Girl
When she is accidentally discovered by a modeling agent, Harriet jumps at the chance to transform herself from a geek to a fashion model. (362 pp.)
Y Smale
TurnageThree Times Lucky
Two friends turn detective when the amnesiac Colonel seems implicated in a murder. (312 pp.)
Y Turnage
When Kyra, a potions master, fails to save her kingdom, she becomes a fugitive, pursued by the King's army and her ex-boyfriend Hal. (276 pp.)
Y Zinn

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