Dinosaur Picture Books

This is a list of some favorite books featuring dinosaurs. Nonfiction dinosaur books are in the nonfiction section under 567. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
BrowneMarlo and the Dinosaurs
When Marlo wakes up from his afternoon nap, he explores a lush jungle with a world full of colorful dinosaurs.
JE Browne
AndreaeDinosaurs Galore
Presents the world of dinosaurs in rhyme, with colorful illustrations.
JE Andreae
AndresAdopting a Dinosaur
Ali asks her parents for a pet: a dog, a cat, an elephant, a giraffe. But . . . what about a dinosaur?
JE Andres
BartonBones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones
A cast of characters looks for, finds, and assembles some dinosaur bones.
JE Barton
CockcroftHow to Take Care of Your Dinosaur
Learn the essentials of caring for your pet dinosaur.
JE Cockcroft
Relates the earth-changing consequences of millions of nights of raucous snoring by sleeping dinosaurs.
JE DiPucchio
DunlapCrunch, the Shy Dinosuar
Advises the reader on how to interact with a very shy dinosaur.
JE Dunlap
The prehistoric ancestors of today's trucks, such as garbageadon, dozeratops, and craneosaurus, roam the Earth.
JE Gall
GenechtenThe Truth About Dinosaurs
Discover the long-withheld truth in this incredible but true story about dinosaurs.
JE Genechten
HennessyThe Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard
A boy imagines what it was like when dinosaurs lived in his area.
JE Hennessy
HigginsWe Don't Eat Our Classmates!
Penelope, a tyrannosaurus rex, learns why she shouldn't eat her classmates, no matter how tasty they are.
JE Higgins
HughesThe Girl and the Dinosaur
Marianne has no friends until she unearths an entire dinosaur skeleton on the beach and wishes it to life.
JE Hughes
James Rex
A newly hatched dinosaur chooses a terrifying Tyrannosaurus to be its dad.
JE James
KrasneskyPterodactyl Show and Tell
What happens when a third-grade boy brings his pet pterodactyl to school for Show and Tell?
JE Krasnesky
KrenskyDinosaurs in Disguise
Look closely! Maybe Dinosaurs are still among us!
JE Krensky
KyungBigger Than You
Who is the biggest dinosaur on the playground? Who is the most terrible? And who will save the day?
JE Kyung
LatimerAm I Yours?
Some friendly dinosaurs help return an egg to the proper dinosaur.
JE Latimer
LatimerNever Follow a Dinosaur
Have Sally and Joe discovered dino-prints?
JE Latimer
LeeWhat Kind of Car Does a T-Rex Drive?
Uncle Otto is a used car salesman who, with the help of his niece and nephew, finds the perfect vehicles for his dinosaur customers.
JE Lee
LoxtonPlesiosaur Peril
Re-creates the undersea world of the Jurassic period.
JE Loxton
McCartyT Is for Terrible
Tyrannosaurus rex says he can't help it that he is enormous and hungry and not a vegetarian.
JE McCarty
McMullanI'm Bad!
A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex has trouble finding food.
JE McMullan
McNamaraThe Dinosaur Expert
Dinosaur-lover Kimmy is on her way to becoming a scientist.
JE McNamara
MiddletonAre the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
Prehistoric animals in a museum spring to life.
JE Middleton
MiyanishiYou Look Yummy!
A baby ankylosaurus and a big tyrannosaurus become a family.
JE Miyanishi
O'HaraRomeosaurus and Juliet Rex
Romeosaurus comes from a family of herbivores. Juliet Rex comes from a family of carnivores. How will they make it work?
JE O'Hara
Patkau Triceratops Stomp
A nest of baby dinosaurs hatches deep in the forest and the little dinos immediately begin scampering and playing. But who will protect them when danger lurks nearby?
JE Patkau
Rees Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Edna, the Very First Chicken
A humorous picture book in which Edna, the very first chicken, faces off against a hungry T-Rex.
JE Rees
RennertBuying, Training & Caring for your Dinosaur
Instructions for choosing and caring for a pet dinosaur.
JE Rennert
WaddellThe Super Hungry Dinosaur
Billy's mom cooks a dinner that saves him and his dog Billy from being eaten by the dinosaur.
JE Waddell
Dinosaurs race a variety of vehicles.
JE Wheeler

Last Updated: 4/20


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