Adventure Stories for Grades 3-5

These stories can be found in children's fiction (J), filed alphabetically under the author's name. Click here for a print-friendly version of this list.

Author Title Call Number
AviThe End of the Beginning
Avon the snail and Edward the ant set off together on a journey in search of adventures.
J Avi
BellTrain to Impossible Places
Suzy discovers a railway line going straight through her downstairs hall and boards it to find adventures of a lifetime.
J Bell
BledsoeTracks in the Snow
Erin and Tiffany become lost in the snow-covered Sierra mountains when Erin leads them on a trek to find her missing babysitter.
J Bledsoe
DiCamilloThe Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread
The adventures of a small mouse, the princess he loves, and the servant girl who longs to be a princess.
J DiCamillo
Du BoisTwenty-One Balloons
Professor William W. Sherman sets off in a balloon across the Pacific.
J Du Bois
FleischmanBandit's Moon
Annyrose has adventures with Joaquín Murieta and his band of outlaws during the California Gold Rush.
J Fleischman
FleischmanThe Whipping Boy
A bratty prince and his whipping boy accidentally trade places after becoming involved with a dangerous outlaw.
J Fleischman
GaimanFortunately, the Milk
A dad who goes to the store to buy milk gets kidnapped by aliens.
J Gaiman
GutmanMission Unstoppable
Coke and Pep have crazy, cross-country adventures as they evade murderous lunatics.
J Gutman
HillWinter Camp
Toughboy and his sister survive the harsh Alaskan weather at a winter trapping camp.
J Hill
KehretEarthquake Terror
After an earthquake, Jonathan must find a way to save himself, his partially paralyzed sister, and their dog.
J Kehret
KimmelTo the Frontier
Bill Cody and his family set out from Iowa to make a new home for themselves in the Kansas Territory.
J Kimmel
KraegelWild Honey from the Moon
Mother shrew needs to get wild honey from the moon in order to cure her son.
J Kraegel
LawlorAdventure on the Wilderness Road
Elizabeth Poage and her family embark on a dangerous and exciting trip westward to Daniel Boone's new Kentucky settlement.
J Lawlor
McIntoshThe Whisperer
Two strangers in the land of Drestonia begin communicating through their minds as they experience increasing danger.
J McIntosh
OsborneAdaline Falling Star
Adaline Falling Star runs away from her prejudiced cousins and comes close to death in the wilderness.
J Osborne
PattersonTreasure Hunters
Following clues left by their missing father, Bickford and Rebecca sail with their siblings to finish his treasure hunt.
J Patterson
PetersenWhite Water
Greg's father is bitten by a rattlesnake during a white-water rafting trip.
J Petersen
PullmanThe Firework-Maker's Daughter
Lila seeks Royal Sulphur from the sacred volcano so that she can become a master maker of fireworks like her father.
J Pullman
SchulzHook's Revenge
Captain Hook's swashbuckling daughter sets out to defeat the Neverland crocodile.
J Schulz
ShahanFrozen Stiff
Cousins Cody and Derek take a kayaking trip in Alaska and find themselves battling the raw elements of an untamed wilderness.
J Shahan
SteigAbel's Island
A very civilized mouse named Abel struggles to survive as a castaway.
J Steig
StolzCat Walk
A young cat embarks on a journey that finally leads him to a special place he can call a home.
J Stolz
VanderpoolNavigating Early
Orphaned Jack Baker and his new pal, Early, embark on a quest along the Appalachian Trail in search of the great black bear.
J Vanderpool
WoodThe Girl Who Sailed the Stars
When Oona stows away on a ship headed North, she faces great adventure and danger. (2019 pp.)
J Wood
WoodruffThe Orphan of Ellis Island
During a school trip to Ellis Island, Dominick Avaro travels back in time and accompanies two Italian emigrants to America.
J Woodruff
YolenJason and the Gorgon's Blood
Jason, who will grow up to become the head of the Argonauts, leads five other boys on a dangerous quest.
J Yolen

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