Death and Grief Books for Young Children

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Picture Books (JE)

Alvarez Where Do They Go?
Bagley Boats for Papa    (father)
Becker A Stone for Sascha    (dog)
Bley And What Comes After a Thousand?    (elderly friend)
Brown The Dead Bird    (bird)
Buscaglia The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages
Carrick The Accident    (dog)
Castellucci Grandma's Gloves    (grandmother)
Chichester Clark Up in Heaven    (dog)
Grandpa's Stories
Cooper Big Cat, Little Cat    (cat)
Davies The Pond     (father)
Paws + Edward
DiSalvo-Ryan A Dog Like Jack    (dog)
Fang Grandma Lives in a Perfume VIllage    (grandmother)
Huneck Sally Goes to Heaven    (dog)
Jain Maya    (father)
James The Funeral    (great-uncle)
I Miss My Grandpa
Joosse Ghost Wings    (grandmother)
Krishnaswami Remembering Grandpa    (grandfather)
Levis Ida Always    (friend)
Luenn A Gift for Abuelita: Celebrating the Day of the Dead    (grandmother)
Marcero Rosie and Crayon    (dog)
Mathers When Aunt Mattie Got Her Wings    (aunt)
Meng Always Remember    (friend)
Monk Blackberry Stew    (grandfather)
Newman The Best Cat in the World    (cat)
Noble Finn's Feather    (brother)
Parker Jasper's Day    (dog)
Partridge Big Cat Pepper    (cat)
Penn Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories    (friend)
Plourde Thank You, Grandpa    (grandfather)
Puttock A Story for Hippo: A Book About Loss    (friend)
Quan Grandmother's Visit    (grandmother)
Reagan Always My Brother    (brother)
Rosenthal That's Me Loving You    (parent)
Rylant Dog Heaven
Salerno Tim's Goodbye    (turtle)
Sinykin Zayde Comes to Live    (grandfather)
Skofield Bear and Bird    (friend)
Varley Badger's Parting Gifts    (friend)
Viorst The Tenth Good Thing About Barney    (cat)
Wood Old Coyote    (animal)
Yolen The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye    (cat)
Young The Day We Lost Pet    (pet)

Parent/Teacher Collection

PT/JE Clifton Everett Anderson's Goodbye    (father)
PT/JE Cobb Missing Mommy    (mother)
PT/JE Coville My Grandfather's House    (grandfather)
PT/JE Napoli Flamingo Dream    (father)
PT/JE Raschka The Purple Balloon
PT/JE Sgouros A Pillow for My Mom    (mother)
PT/JE Shriver What's Heaven?    (great-grandmother)

Last Updated: 2/19


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