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Election season is here! Every four years, American voters get a say in who gets the job of running the government. If you're interested in this year's election, check out our biographies, picture books, and chapter books about all kinds of elections—including the big one this year. In this video, Ms. Sheri shares some of her favorites (also listed below).



Give Us the Vote

Give Us the Vote!: Over 200 Years of Fighting for the Ballot, by Susan Goldman Rubin, is a thrilling and inspiring collection of chapters featuring different individuals and groups who fought for the right to vote. You can read this to meet a whole new set of heroes!

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez, by Andrea Beatya>, is a about a girl who is too young to run for president...but not too young to make change!


Vote! by Eileen Christelow, explains through cartoons and text how voting happens—and how to do it wisely.

Vote for OUr Future!

Vote for our Future! by Margaret McNamara and Micah Player, tells the story of Stanton Elementary School, which closes for the day on national election days and becomes a polling station so people can go there to vote.

What's the Big Deal About Elections

What’s the Big Deal About Elections, by Ruby Shamir, tells you a little bit about everything and anything you might want to know. For example: In 1926, William Hale Thomas boosted his campaign for mayor of Chicago by getting on stage and scolding a cage of rats!


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