Local Authors

The Library is proud of the large number of authors and writers in the Wilmette Community. We are pleased to offer a number of resources and showcase opportunities for our local authors.

Local Author Events

The Library hosts occasional group and individual book talks to highlight our local authors and promote their work in the community. For more information about the process of featuring your book on the Library’s events calendar, please fill out our form.

Wilmette Writers Group

Perfect your craft in this writing workshop featuring group critique and technique instruction.

Group members include practitioners of the novel, short story, memoir, creative nonfiction, and poetry genres.  Julie West Johnson, formerly a New Trier English teacher, facilitates the group. The group meets Sunday evenings during the school year, and on Tuesdays in the summer. Search our calendar for the next meetings.

Adding Your Book to the Collection

For information about having your book added to the Library’s collection, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following authors live(d) in or near Wilmette and have works in the Wilmette Public Library's collection:


Adelman, Charlotte

Algminas, Leo L.

Barney, Alan

Beck, Steve

Berman, Louis Arthur

Bernstein, Sandy Klein

Bevenour, Robert Joseph

Bigelow, Lisa Jenn

Bolorforoush, Masood

Borushek, Ralph

Boxer, Robert

Brill, Marlene

Brindel, June

Brock, Charles M.

Burnside, Annie

Bushnell, George

Bussell, Jeanie Lee

Bussell, Jason

Camenisch, Paul F.

Campbell, Jennifer

Casey, Donald E.

Clay, John

Cohen, Florence

Craig, Larry A.

Curtis, Luke T.

Cutler, Irving

Dell, Pamela

Drummond, John

Dunn, Mark T.

Emanuel, Rahm

Epstein, Joseph

Fallaw, Michael

Fixler, Alvin

Fox, Katie McKinney

Freeman, Barbara

Froman, Barbara

Frothingham, Linda

Geary, Gay H.

Gillum, Sandy

Gilson, Jamie

Gingrich, Dawn

Glavin, John

Gonzales, Laurence

Gossage, Denise E.

Granger, Georgialee Weigel

Grillo, Gina

Gubman, Edward L.

Guinan, Patrick

Harper, Robert A.

Harper, Steven J.

Hill, Mair

Holmberg, Cynthia B.

Hooker, Monique

Hora, Master

Hussey-Arntson, Kathy L.

Hylton, Judith S.

Janus, Christopher

Jolls, Daniel

Kahdeman, Tyler

Kahn, Ada P.

Kamin, Blair

Kay, Betty Carlson

Kennedy, Marilyn Moats

Kilner, John

Kim, Mi-mi

Kogan, Rick

Laackman, Dale W.

Lauesen, Michael J.

Lear, Patricia

Leonard, Mike

Levis, Walter

McKay, Bobbie

McManus, James

McMillan, Mary Jo

Madvig, Brian Timothy

Mahany, Barbara

Mandel, Robert E.

Marcus, Martin

Markey, Judy

Mitchel, Marlene Arbetter

Moss, Carol Solberg

Mottlow, Martin

Murray, Bill

Myerson, Roger B.

Nash, Jay Robert

Nerlove, Miriam

Note, Erma

Novy-Bennewitz, Cara

O'Connor, John S.

Palmer, Parker J.

Parent, Jaime B.

Pelton, Russell

Penley, Janet

Pepperberg, Irene M.

Piehl, Janet

Pinkerton, Brian

Prockross, James S.

Puehringer, Josef

Randel, Derek and Gail

Reda, Sheri

Reed, Walter W.

Reimer, Thomas E.

Reiss, James

Remini, Robert V.

Richter, Frank

Rizzo-Vast, Patricio

Rosenberg, Laurence M.

Royal, Anastasia

Rudnicki, Kelly

Saper, Jacqueline

Schoenfield, Mark K.

Schwartz, Bernard

Sheffield, Hope

Siegel, Barry

Siegel, Sheldon

Silbert, Jerome

Silver, Lucy

Simpson, William G.

Sobel, Richard

Steinberg, Bruce

Stratton, Patricia Ann Balton

Sutherland, Judy

Thompson, John

Trout, J.D.

Turow, Scott

Vera, Marisel

Villalba, Louis

Walker, David J.

Weintraub, Neal

Whittingham, Richard J.

Zelinsky, Paul O.

Ziporyn, Terra

Zollo, Burt

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