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Nancy Wagner

I read literary fiction, history and as time permits a smattering of mysteries and other genres. I especially seem to gravitate to British works. Favorite authors include James Salter, Kate Atkinson, Lynne Olson, and Anthony Doerr.

Nancy's Picks


Jill McKeown

Hi! I typically read books off the beaten path, both fiction and non-fiction. I like authors who are more independent and underground but are hidden gems. This often includes titles with a little more edge, grit or a spark of something that inspires awe or taps into emotions that as humans we sometimes avoid.

Jill's Picks


Krista Hutley

Librarian seeking genre readers to share awesome book recommendations. Teen readers welcome, too! I’m a fan of speculative fiction--horror, fantasy, science fiction--but I particularly love crossover works that don’t fit neatly into one category. I’m not a “don’t get your murder mystery in my space opera” kind of person. I also love graphic novels, young adult books, and authentic #ownvoices stories.

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Rachel Garcia

I read (or listen to) mostly literary and historical fiction with a good mystery or fantasy book thrown in once in a while. I believe it's important to read outside your comfort zone now and then, which is why I occasionally challenge myself with a nonfiction or classic title. Share what great book you are reading with me! I'm always searching for that elusive under-the-radar gem.

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