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What We're Reading - February 24

what were reading wednesday block 01 01Hello, it's the last Wednesday in February, the weather is warming up, but time inside reading is still at an all-time high. Here's what Wilmette Public Library staff has been reading while the weather has been grim. You can search for these titles and put them on hold through our online catalog or you can look for an ebook or e-audiobook on the Digital Library of Illinois

hiddenlifeTitle: The Hidden Life of Trees
Author: Peter Wohlleben
Reader: Sheri R., Youth Services Librarian

This New York Times Bestseller restored in me a sense of wonder about the world. I’ve spent years admiring trees, camping under them, trimming them, having them removed due to illness. But I never knew that trees communicate, that they live in families, and that they take care of each other, feeding one another and helping them through rough times. Now, when I take a walk, I find inspiration as close as the parkway. This is an amazing piece of literature!


sanityofsatireTitle: The Sanity of Satire: Surviving Politics One Joke at a Time
Author: Al Gini and Abraham Singer
Reader: Suzanne A., Adult Services Librarian

Al Gini has published The Sanity of Satire. It covers everyone who has used humor from Aristotle to Jerry Seinfeld. It is very funny and contains many anecdotes. Gini is a Loyola professor who hosted an NPR program for years.  The publisher says: "In a poignant, pithy, but not ponderous manner, Al Gini and Abraham Singer delve into the history of satire to rejoice in its triumphs and watch its development from ancient graffiti to the latest late-night TV talk show."


thisishappinessTitle: This is Happiness
Author: Niall Williams
Reader: Jenny K., Adult Services Librarian

I am currently reading This is Happiness by Irish author, Niall Williams. It’s the story about a young man coming of age, a stranger new in town, and the rich, rural culture of the small community of Faha Ireland on the verge of change. Williams’ lyrical writing, full of Irish lore charms the reader and keeps the pages turning. I highly recommend this novel.


missbensonTitle: Miss Benson's Beetle
Author: Rachel Joyce
Reader: Nancy W., Adult Services Librarian

Recounts the search for the fabled New Caledonian golden beetle conducted improbably and wonderfully by the most mis-matched pair imaginable.  This is a wonderful story of a friendship formed as a result of challenging outward circumstances that spur the pair to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.  "A gem of a book."


riseandfallTitle: The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh
Author: Candace Fleming
Reader: Alice J., Youth Services Librarian

I'm in the middle of Candace Fleming's The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh which just won the Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award, awarded by the Young Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association. “Candace Fleming's riveting biography takes readers deep inside Lindbergh's life and character, exploring the consequences of his actions and beliefs, and alluding to contemporary politics,” said YALSA Nonfiction Award Chair Adrienne Gillespie.

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