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What We're Reading Wednesday - New Year Edition

Hello, and welcome to our first post of 2021, documenting what Wilmette Public Library have been reading when they're not working hard at the library. Check back on Wednesdays to spy on our reading habits and get some great ideas for yourself! You can search for these titles and put them on hold through our online catalog or you can look for an ebook or e-audiobook on the Digital Library of Illinois.

vinegargirlTitle: Vinegar Girl
Author: Ann Tyler
Reader: Louise N., Interlibrary Loan Librarian

I just finished reading Vinegar Girl by Ann Tyler, and I even re-read Taming of the Shrew which Vinegar Girl is based on.  This was a fun read, and it made me laugh out loud in parts.  This doesn’t happen too often for me when reading. I didn’t watch the movie Kiss Me Kate, but that could be the next step if I have the time.


onetowatchTitle: One to Watch
Author:  Kate Stayman-London
Reader: Rachel G., Adult Services Librarian

When plus-size fashion blogger Bea Schumacher writes an angry blog post about the lack of body diversity on her favorite reality dating show, Main Squeeze, she receives a shocking call: Main Squeeze wants to cast her as their next star. Hoping to inspire women across America and supercharge her career, she accepts with one condition-under no circumstance will she fall in love with any of these men. But when the show starts filming, Bea realizes things may be more complicated than she anticipated. Funny, relatable, and stylish, this debut novel asks us to throw away stubborn and destructive ideas about plus-size women and root for real-world true love. 


eleanormichaelisTitle: Eleanor
Author: David Michaelis
Reader: Suzanne A., Adult Services Librarian

This is a riveting biography of this icon. We see how she became an influential, powerful, democratic activist and diplomat. Michaelis deftly incorporates information on her social life. The book is so well written it is a page-turner. And it has terrific photos.


dianaandtheislandTitle: Diana and the Island of No Return
Author: Aisha Saeed
Reader: Jennifer L., Youth Services Librarian

This is an action packed adventure about young Wonder Woman. Tweens who already enjoy the Wonder Woman characters will find this book fun and interesting. It is done by the author who wrote Amal Unbound.


thisishappinessTitle: This is Happiness
Author: Niall Williams
Reader: Joan B., Adult Services Librarian

"Change is coming to Faha, a small Irish parish that hasn't changed in a thousand years. For one thing, the rain is stopping. Nobody remembers when it started; rain on the western seaboard is a condition of living. But now--just as Father Coffey proclaims the coming of the electricity--the rain clouds are lifting. Seventeen-year-old Noel Crowe is idling in the unexpected sunshine when Christy makes his first entrance into Faha, bringing secrets he needs to atone for. Though he can't explain it, Noel knows right then: something has changed. As the people of Faha anticipate the endlessly procrastinated advent of the electricity, and Noel navigates his own coming-of-age and his fallings in and out of love, Christy's past gradually comes to light, casting a new glow on a small world"--Publisher description.

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