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Jessica's Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts are a great way to catch up on news, get lost in an engrossing story, or hear a fascinating interview. Podcasts are available for streaming and downloading through apps including Apple’s Podcasts, Overcast, and Stitcher. Our librarians have put together some of their favorite podcasts to get you started!

   You Must Remember This

You Must Remember

It is all about the history of Hollywood. I loved the season called The Blacklist which was all about the fear of the presence of Communists in the film industry in the late 1940s.

   99 Percent Invisible

99% Invisible

This podcast is an exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. One of my recent favorite episodes was #336-Model City which is about an enormous scale model of the city of San Francisco that was created as a WPA project in the 1930s. The host, Roman Mars, has the best podcast voice.


The Sporkful

This podcast is about food but also culture, science, history and people. The host Dan Pashman's laugh is infectious and a big part of the reason I listen.

   Hit Parade

Hit Parade

This podcast is a deep dive into music and musicians via the history of pop-charts with trivia and song-snippets. A favorite episode of mine is The Def Jams Edition which covers this label's underground style in the 80s when it was just starting.

   More Perfect

More Perfect

This is a podcast about the history of the Supreme Court. It explores through history how the cases the court decided affect our lives. One of my favorite episodes was The Political Thicket - about a redistricting case from 1962 that Chief Justice Ear Warren considered his most important case of his tenure.


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