Weekly LEGO Challenge

Each week, we’re doing a new LEGO challenge. Check in on Wednesday afternoons for our next challenge. When your creation is complete, snap a photo and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we’ll share it on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

LEGO Challenge #17: Build a bridge. Think about where you may need a bridge. How long does it need to be? How much weight does it need to hold? How can you make it stronger? 

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Check out some of our challenge creations!


LEGO elephant   laser eye flower   lego cart  lego fish


community rainbow 1   community rainbow 2   mona lego rainbow small   may 19 josephine house 2


Garret lego rainbow small   05 13 20 lego challenge 6   may 19 josephine house 1


lego tower   LEGO tower theo marten   lego car community 2    


04 06 LegoChallenge   lego car community 1   lego name creation 1 


Previous Lego Challenges:

Challenge 17: Build a sea creature

Challenge 16: Create a piece of playground equipment from your bricks, like a slide or swing set.

Challenge 15: Build something tiny! Use your smallest bricks to create a tiny masterpiece.

Challenge 14: Make a dinosaur! It can be a apatosaurus, parasaurolophus, t-rex, or anything you'd like! 

Challenge 13: Build a flower, flowers, or even an entire garden! 

Challenge 12: Can you build a boat that floats?

Challenge 11: Build an animal – any animal you would like. Maybe we can fill a LEGO zoo! We have built a bat. 

Challenge 10: Can you build a pyramid like the Ancient Egyptians?

Challenge 9: Make your favorite food: Pizza? Burgers? Cookies? Maybe a tossed salad? We have made a hot dog. Use your imagination to build something that looks delicious!

Challenge 8: Build anything you would like using only ONE color of bricks. 

Challenge 7: Build a robot. Will it be large or small? What can your robot do? Does it have moving parts? Think about your robot's purpose before you begin building.

Challenge 6: Use your LEGO bricks to build a house. Your house can look like your house, or you can use your imagination to build something fantastic!

Challenge 5: Build a rainbow! Experiment with shape and color. 

Challenge 4: Build a bird! You can build an owl, peacock, cardinal, flamingo, or a bird from your imagination. We built a duck! What kind of bird can you make? 

Challenge 3: Wchallenge you to build the tallest tower you can. If you use a baseplate, the tower should be able to stay standing if you shake the baseplate a little. Use a tape measure to record how tall your structure is, or count how many bricks you used. 

Challenge 2: Build a car with your LEGO bricks. Your car can be big or small, colorful or monochrome, realistic or totally imaginary.

Challenge 1: Build your name using LEGO bricks. Your creation can be 2 or 3 dimensional, and can feature any color, size, or additional items to show off your name.

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