Searching for Obituaries in Local Wilmette Newspapers

Full text obituaries or abstracts are available for each of the local newspapers as listed below.

Newspapers & Dates Covered

Search for obituaries.

Contact the library for the complete text.

  • Wilmette Life
    • 1923-1939 and 1962-Present (1923 and 1925 are missing.)
  • Wilmette Beacon
    • 2011-Present
  • Lake Shore News
    • 1912-1923 (1912-1917, 1919 are missing.)
  • Local News
    • 1898-1916 (Many issues are missing.)

 For 1940 to 1962 consult the microfilm in the library's Reference Room or contact the library for assistance.

Note: For best results, try your search in several ways. For example, searching for "John Martin" obituary will bring up different results from John Martin obituary without the quotation marks.

Other Obituary Resources


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