Projects & Initiatives

Wilmette Public Library strives to be responsive to the evolving needs of our community. The Library is an increasingly popular informational and cultural destination for reading, learning, creative endeavors, entertainment, and connecting with others. Regular maintenance and modernization of our spaces ensures that our building and grounds will continue to fulfill our mission today and inspire generations to come.

Since 1951, through multiple additions and renovations, Wilmette Public Library has grown and developed in its current location at 1242 Wilmette Avenue. Each of these building projects produced results that our patrons now deem essential to our services, including spaces for children, teens, staff, the Friends of the Library bookstore, the periodicals collection, meeting and study rooms, and more.

Over time, the Library has also adopted a number of operational improvements and efficiencies as a result of coordinated capital planning, including: building-wide LED lighting, geothermal HVAC, water efficient plumbing, ecologically-conscious permeable pavers, high efficiency snow melt hardscape entry plaza, and more.

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