5 Reasons to Join Caldecott Club!

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Youth Services librarians Sarah Jo and Eti are hosting our Caldecott Club, a program where we explore amazing picture books and choose our favorite from the entire year. This program takes the place of Illustrator’s Club this fall and offers many of the things we love about that program.  

So here are 5 reasons YOU should join Caldecott Club this fall! 

  1. You get to make art throughout the entire program! Everyone gets a special notebook in which to doodle, imagine, craft, and draw while we look at gorgeous picture books. You could even make art inspired by the books. We’ll provide all the art supplies!  


  1. Your voice matters the most. You get to share your point of view and feelings about the books we explore. You’ll vote on your favorite book – and our winner from Caldecott Club will be the book YOU think has the best art. We’ll even contact the Illustrator to let them know! 


  1. Caldecott Club is a community. You get to meet new friends who are passionate about art and creativity, like you are. We get to learn how to talk about books, how to share our different points of view, even disagree with each other, and figure out what we think.  


  1. Swag. Our librarians love sharing awesome free things like post-its, pencils, notebooks, publisher freebies, and more. You even get a name badge to decorate and an official library lanyard when you join Caldecott Club because we’re fancy. You never know we’ll give away at Caldecott Club.  


  1. Picture books are magic. Think about some of your favorite books ever. Which ones do you love? Chances are these books are picture books. They are the most innovative, beautiful, and fun books, which brilliantly express big ideas through illustrations. Caldecott Club books stay with us forever.  


But you don’t have to take our word for it: join us to learn why Caldecott Club is one of our favorite programs ever!

Register now for our next session on Thursday, October 12 from 4-4:45pm!  

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