3D Printed Assistive Devices

Wilmette Public Library offers a selection of 3D printed assistive devices for daily living, suitable for all ages.

They can be borrowed as a kit in our Library of Things collection, and also purchased through our 3D printing services.

The designs for the Assistive Devices were created by Makers Making Change. Makers Making Change is an initiative of Neil Squire, a Canadian non-profit that uses technology, knowledge, and passion to empower people with disabilities.

Detailed documentation can be found at Makers Making Change's GitHub repository, 3D Printed Low Tech Assistive Devices Kit.

* All devices in the kit available to borrow are sized medium.

Devices Overview

blue bag carrier
Black bottle opener
Red key turner
Orange Palm Pen
Yellow pen ball
Purple signature guide
Green tube opener

Bag Carrier

Provides assistance in carrying plastic bags. Bag handles loop onto the device’s hooks.

Link to Bag Carrier user guide and sizing information.



Bottle Opener

Clamps onto the cap of a standard-sized milk bottle with a small squeeze, allowing users to remove or screw on cap.

Link to Bottle Opener user guide and sizing information.

Key Turner

Accessory to help insert, hold, and turn a key. Your key screws onto the key bed.



Palm Pen

Grip one side or slip it on the palm to improve your hold on a writing utensil.

Link to Palm Pen user guide and sizing information.


Pen Ball

Makes it easier to grip a pen, pencil, or another writing utensil.

Link to Pen Ball user guide and sizing information.

Signature Guide

Helps for centering a specific spot on paper to sign a name, signature, or initials.


Tube Opener

Aids in opening small lids, such as toothpaste caps. Pinch the tube cap with the jagged grooves and twist to open.