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We asked our Summer Reading Club Volunteers to share their recommended reads. 

Anaya recommends Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. Here’s the review (heads-up for spoilers!): 

Crying in H. Mart is a riveting memoir that shows the true meaning of tough love. Michelle tells a story about growing up Korean American, dealing with a complicated relationship with her Korean-born mother, and eventually coping with loss. As Michelle’s relationship with her mother starts to fall apart, her Korean identity does as well. Everything that her mother has taught her has gone away. Though her life seems to progressing in the right direction, Michelle has yet to realize what her real values are. Her mother’s diagnosis of terminal cancer is what changes this. Somehow losing her mother seems to be the connection she needed. Instead of seeing her culture as a burden, Michelle learns to appreciate and embrace her Korean heritage. 
Interestingly, the author of this book, Michelle Zauner, is the lead singer and guitarist of the musical project, Japanese Breakfast. After finishing this book, I began to follow Michelle’s music career as it is described in the book. In the book, her passion for music is a side plot. However, in real life, a completely different story is being told. Since the release of Crying in H. Mart, Japanese Breakfast has won two Grammys. Japanese Breakfast continues to reach successes beyond what the book describes. 
I loved this book because of how honest the author is. She considers all the perspectives when telling her story which make for a truly amazing book. While reading this book, I felt the pain and emotion that was brought with the story. I was able to connect with the characters and feel as if I was living their reality. Michelle’s writing brings you into another world and keeps you engaged throughout. 

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