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My name is Anaya Brainch and I am a rising junior at New Trier.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for music: listening, playing, and even composing. This love for music started when I was four years old with my favorite toy, a mini red piano. Pressing the eighteen keys and playing different combinations opened an entire world of creativity for me. I started formal piano lessons at six years old and I continue to play and compose music today.

My early exposure to instruments, rhythm, and songs not only gave me a strong appreciation for music, but also inspired me to create.

And now I want to bring my love for playing and creating music to young kids in our community.

“Music Appreciation” is a program that exposes kids to the joy of music. Kids will experience hands-on activities while participating in games, crafts, and read-alouds. It's designed for grades 1-4. 

My hope is to create memories that will help young minds develop a long-lasting love and appreciation for music.

Register for my Music Appreciation program and let's make lifelong memories together!

Music Appreciation 

Monday, June 10, 4-4:45pm >>  

Monday, July 29, 4-4:45pm >> 

Monday, August 12, 4-4:45pm >> 

Monday, August 19, 4-4:45pm >> 

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