Why Read During the Summer?

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Did you know that librarians from the Youth Services Department visit Wilmette schools throughout May and June to promote reading during the summer?

Led by school engagement librarian, Eti Berland, and supported by staff across the department, students across Wilmette enjoyed engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring presentations about the power of summer reading – and how to participate in our programs. Reading logs were also distributed at many of the schools, ensuring immediate access to participate in the program. Around 3,361 students attended these visits! 

During our school visits, we asked students why they read in the summer. Listening to young people share their reasons offered an opportunity for them to hear each other's insights about the value of literacy and learning and share their reading goals for the summer. Their words echoed the powerful research about the importance of continuing the growth they've gained throughout the school year - and preparing for their future. But as our friend LeVar Burton says, you don't have to take my word for it.

We've collected some of the reasons the students shared during our school visits, so we can all learn from their brilliant ideas - and help us find our own reasons for reading in the summer.

Better yet, after reading this blog, ask the young people in your life why they read in the summer; they might just surprise you. 

Here's a collection of the children's reasons for why they read in the summer: 

  • Reading makes you happy.
  • Keep the progress you've made.
  • It's fun.
  • Because I love reading.
  • You can chill outside and relax in the sun with a book. 
  • It's the best way to pass time.
  • I have a lot of books to read. 
  • It can help me calm down.
  • Books draw me into a different universe.
  • I have more time to read in the summer. 
  • So I can stay smart.
  • You don't have to stop.
  • It fills up the time.
  • I can talk about books with my friends.
  • It's a break from technology/devices. 
  • It makes me laugh.
  • You can update your vocabulary.
  • I want to finish a book series.
  • I want to get ready for next school year.
  • Reading helps me fall asleep.
  • I can learn new things.
  • I can gain new knowledge to navigate the world. 
  • It improves my imagination.
  • It's entertaining. 
  • You can read all the books you didn't get to this year. 
  • Because I love all the books.
  • So you don't lose interest in reading.
  • Books don't judge you.
  • Because I want to. 

Ways to Encourage Your Child To Read

Let them choose what interests them. Our library offers reading experiences in many formats, from ebooks, audiobooks, Playaways, readalongs, graphic novels, magazines, and more! Our librarians can help by sharing recommendations. Fill out a Book Picks form here!

Read together. Set aside time as a family to enjoy reading and literacy experiences. 

Celebrate their successes. 

Sign up your child (and yourself) for our Summer Reading Club for a chance to win free books! 

Join library programs all summer! 

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