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Pride Resources for All Year

Pride Month is a great time to show goodwill toward people of every gender by offering love, approval, and social support. Here are some great ways to do that.


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Got Stats? 

We have you covered with Statista, our newest database!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to do a deep dive into market metrics, or a student looking to build a persuasive case for an assignment using data? Look no further, as Wilmette Public Library now subscribes to Statista. 

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Balance, Well-Being and Good Vibes

With the arrival of spring, our attention shifts to the outdoors including the garden - raking, tilling and planting. But what about the indoors? If you're planting coneflowers, herbs, and lettuce outside, why not cultivate balance, well-being and good vibes inside?

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Classics Go to the Movies

Some stories are so great they just have to go live. And sometimes, the film itself is a fresh twist on a classic story. These classic reads have inspired some surprising movie versions, satires, and interpretations. Try them out in pairs for lively discussions at home!


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Titles Every Human Can Enjoy

Is your family growing up? You can still read together by choosing from these bestselling titles that come in both adult and young readers’ editions. You can all read on your own time and make dinnertime into your own family book club with titles like the following.

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Hone Your Shutterbug Skills

Let's face it, travel has been lacking in many of our lives the past couple years.  But with hope, maybe we can dust off the suitcases and dig out the digital camera soon in preparation for a long overdue adventure.

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Online Writing Tools

It is a new year with new resolutions. If one of them was to finally write that book and cross off ‘publish my own novel’ from your bucket list, you’re in luck with this blog post because I’ll be recommending websites that may help you do just that.

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Picture Books for Challenging Days

The books on this list offer sensitivity, comfort and hope for kids (and grownups) dealing with unstable routines, worry and depletion.  Whether providing coping strategies or simply acknowledging feelings, these titles will brighten a gray day.




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