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Teen Reader Recommends: The Gilded Wolves

A mathematician who can bend metals to her will. A historian with an affinity for colonial independence. A dancer who can read the memories of objects. A boy who can coax the unlikeliest of plants into bloom. All gathered by a hotelier with a goal of reparation for what he’s lost. Set in 1889 Paris, a city on the cusp of the Exposition Universelle and brimming with magic, Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chakshi is a masterpiece of historical fantasy.
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Teen Reader Recommends: Piranesi

There are two alive people in the House. There are 13 skeletons, and thousands upon thousands of statues. All who exist in a parallel universe made up of an infinite labyrinth of halls and vestibules that seems to steal the memories and identities of its inhabitants. Told through the research notes of a man named Piranesi, both him and the reader try to solve the mystery of who he is and how he got to this place.
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Teen Reader Recommends

The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo: A young scullion who can perform miracles. A couple desperate for status. A man who might be a monster and his master. All of them plunged into a world where the lines between magic, science, holiness and fraud are often uncertain. Set in Spain during the Inquisition, the stakes (and the danger) heighten every chapter. 
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