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Great Gift Books for Kids

Whether you’re shopping for your own child or hoping to find a great match for a kid you barely know, the books on this year’s list offer something special.

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What Happened to Columbus Day?

In recent years, Columbus Day has become a hotly contested holiday. It’s beloved by many traditionalists, but others bemoan its links to colonialism.

Yet Columbus Day was never a simple day.

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One Interesting Thing About Mother Goose

One interesting thing about Mother Goose is that she’s alive and well!  Mother Goose and other nursery rhymes are still popular around the world and for good reason. They develop a child’s ear for language and that is the cornerstone of literacy.

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Hispanic American Heritage Month

September is a month of new beginnings for lots of our southern neighbors. Independence Day celebrations include parades, flag ceremonies, and favorite foods like beleades, pupusas, and ceviche.

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Dog Days

Still, the dogs days are beloved for their invitation to take it easy, read travel books, and soak up the sun.
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Gallery of Readers

The Gallery of Readers is part of our Summer Reading Club “halfway activity,” as in, after at least ten days of reading or doing activities, young people stopped by our Summer Reading Club booth to have their picture taken with a book they wanted to share.
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The Benefits and Joys of Summer Reading Club

As a life-long children's librarian and Youth Services Manager at Wilmette Public Library, I've been running Summer Reading programs for over 25 summers. Here are a few reasons why I'm really proud of our library's Summer Reading Club:

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